LED Light Therapy
Discover Our Large Area Lighting Solutions

Effectively illuminate large areas such as ports, intermodal terminals
interior decoration, and military subwoofers

Quality Loading Dock Lights With Short Lead Times

Safe and reliable loading and unloading dock lights are ready-to-install and use devices designed specifically for customer operations

Durable Lighting That Outlasts Expectations

YOULUMI designs and manufactures durable and reliable led technology as we
are always done for the past 10 years

High-performance Integrated Solar Street Light

Multifunctional, the type of pavement works and the type of large stadiums.

LED Light Therapy
Light for Your Health and Body
Look, feel, and live better, through the natural healing power of red and near-infrared light.
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Product Categories

Industries We Illuminate

Ports and docks
Ports and docks:

Global port operators rely
on our crane lighting and large area solutions for safe night time operations

Mining industry
Mining industry:

Youlumi Ultra Bright Solar Lights: High-efficient LED lights with wide-angle illumination can improve lighting utilization.

Inland waterway, ocean going and military vessels use our exterior and navigation lights to keep their crews safe

“Outdoor, harsh and hazardous environments aren’t a problem for our rugged fixtures”


“In commercial and military airports, ground crews work with efficiency and precision with our large area lighting solutions”


“The US government has trusted our Made in USA and ETL compliant fixtures to deliver reliable illumination for over 10 years”

R & D Design Process

1.Finding the right color mix
2.lighting LED Retrofit Guide
3.Difference in lumen intensity
4.A Quick and Easy Guide
5.Buying Recessed LED
6.LED Beam Angles
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