About Us

Shenzhen Youlumi Co.LTD

Shenzhen Youlumi Co.LTD specializes in manufacturing LED lighting products. We boast a professional and experiences R&D team, determined to overcome the challenges of the development, production and distribution phases of lighting manufacturing. Youlumi motivated team members propel the company's advancement in LED technology. Setting a benchmark for its competitors in the industry.

Established in July 2012, we committed to producing LED bulb and corn light products. In 2013, we successfully premiered our innovative 150W and 200W corn lights which contained an embedded driver. Our product range continuously expands and now comprises 250W, 300W etc. models.

Presently, our flagship 250W corn light perfectly supersedes 400W and 1000W HID light source. In 2014, Our retrofitting kits in 80W, 100W etc. Variants products were put into the market. Our high bay and street lights have received numerous customer's good appraisals.

The primary application of our products is in warehouses, shopping malls, commercial facilities and diverse outdoor settings. These products out performed alternatives in the European and American markets. Our products are capable in replacing all obsolete light sources including CFL, HPS, LED UV Curing Systems and Metal Halide globes in order to having reduce power consumption. Our primary goal is to assist our customers in decreasing their electricity costs and achieving an enviromentally friendly status.

Our company slogan, market-oriented, focusing on manufacturing exception competitive products. We truly hope for beneficial mutual development and cooperation.