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Detailed Explanation Of The Difference Between LED Lamps And Energy-Saving Lamps

LED lamps and energy-saving lamps are very common in our lives nowadays, let me take you to understand the difference between LED lamps and energy-saving lamps.
A detailed explanation of the difference between led lamps and energy-saving lamps
1. First of all, we can say from the service life of lamps, the service life of ordinary energy-saving lamps can reach 10,000 hours, and because the way of emitting light is different from ordinary energy-saving lamps, the service life of led lamps is longer. Up to 100,000 hours, as the use time increases, the brightness of ordinary energy-saving lamps will become darker, and finally, break down. Although this situation may also occur in led lamps, the service life is much longer than ordinary energy-saving lamps.

2. We can analyze these two kinds of lamps from the perspective of environmental protection. Ordinary energy-saving lamps contain harmful components such as mercury, but although LED lamps have some harmful components, they do not contain mercury and other components, which can be recycled and reused.
3. Comparing the two lamps in terms of heat dissipation, led lights are inferior to ordinary energy-saving lamps. The heat dissipation of led lights is not very good, and the heat dissipation of ordinary energy-saving lamps is indeed good. This is the shortcoming of led lamps, but now All of the manufacturers are overcoming such shortcomings as LEDs, and the development of radiators is also underway.


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