LED dokkvalgus
  • High Quality Led Dock Lights With 40" 60" Swing Arm
    * YouLumi Series fixtures are perfect for industrial, tootmine ja ladustamine. * Designed to illuminate tractor trailers up to 53 ft for loading and unloading. * Excellent for any application requiring long life and low maintenance costs. * 50,000 hrs LED life for using wet locations. Item: LED Loading Dock…
  • LED-dokivalgustid ladude ja haagiste jaoks
    Properly lit trailers at the loading dock play an important role in keeping workers safe, plus OSHA standard 1910 requires loading docks to be lighted. A heavy-duty and flexible light design is needed to withstand the harsh loading dock environment and to improve the inadequate lighting conditions inside trailers. Item:…
  • High Quality Led Flexible Arm Dock Lights
    ● Steel arm will not sag easily bends around most dock door tracks ● Fast and easy to install on any vertical surface. ● Low-profile and easy to position ● Entire length can bend to create solid angles ● Can be rotated 180 degrees for bidirectional lighting ● Four (4)…
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