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  • Led Dock Light Fixtures For Warehouses And Trailers

Led Dock Light Fixtures For Warehouses And Trailers

  • 320W dami humantong lumago ilaw

    » Light Source: LED2835/LED3030 » Spectrum: PhysioSpec Indoor™ » Light Output PPF: 832-2496 µmol/s » Efficacy: 2.6 µmol/J » Power Factor: >0.95 » AC Input Voltage: 90-277V AC, 300-480V AC, 50/60Hz » Light Distribution: 120° » Mounting Height: 6"-12"(15.2-30.5cm) Above Canopy » Thermal Management: Passive » Dimming: 10V-Source » Total…
  • Humantong Dock Light Fixtures Para sa Warehouses at Trailers

    Properly lit trailers at the loading dock play an important role in keeping workers safe, plus OSHA standard 1910 requires loading docks to be lighted. A heavy-duty and flexible light design is needed to withstand the harsh loading dock environment and to improve the inadequate lighting conditions inside trailers. Item:...
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