• 2019 China International Signs & LED Exhibition, Guangzhou – ISLE
    Post time: Mar-08-2019

    From March 03, 2019 09:30 until March 06, 2019 17:00 At Guangzhou – China Import and Export Complex International Signs & LED Exhibition, Guangzhou (“ISLE”), is co-organized by  Canton Fair Advertising Co., Ltd. and China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corp. With 120,000㎡ ...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Warehouse lighting design requirements and precautions
    Post time: Dec-24-2018

    Warehouse lighting design warehouse refers to goods that are used to store rain and snow, fear of wind, and require better storage conditions. In the design of warehouse lighting, according to the specific requirements of the warehouse, reasonable lighting fixtures should be used to save the ente...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Warehouse Lighting Selection Guide
    Post time: Dec-20-2018

    How should warehouse lighting should choose the right LED fixture? For each factory, the warehouse is an indispensable important place, so what should we pay attention to when designing the warehouse lighting? What kind of LED lamps should I choose? The first thing we need to consider is the safe...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Factory lighting design standards
    Post time: Dec-17-2018

    Factory lighting design The scientific and reasonable design of factory lighting can not only effectively protect vision, improve product quality and labor productivity, but also save energy and reduce production costs. The lighting standard of the factory is to meet the illumination requirements...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Types Of Parking Lot Lights
    Post time: Dec-12-2018

    Types Of Parking Lot Lights Evaluate your parking lot lighting If your facility was built more than a decade ago, your outdoor safety lighting may not be enough. For years, lighting in parking lots and other outdoor areas has been a low priority for lighting designers. In many cases, the purpos...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Parking lot lighting design
    Post time: Dec-11-2018

    Lighting design for an outdoor parking lot 1.Introduction With the development of the economy, cars have become a common means of transportation for people. The city parking lot enables the cars in the city to operate normally and smoothly. The parking lot is developing into an indispensable comp...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Top Ten Global LED Lighting Certification Standards
    Post time: Dec-07-2018

    Do you know a few of the world’s top ten LED lighting certification standards? In the context of energy shortages, it can be said that energy conservation is an important issue we face. LED has always been called a new generation of green light sources. Its energy saving, environmental prot...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Gas station light guide
    Post time: Dec-05-2018

    Gas station light The main purpose of customers visiting the petrol station is to refuel, and they will also have a short stay. The prominent oil station lighting will attract the driver’s attention, and the comfortable lighting will make them willing to make a short break. If the petrol st...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • 1000 Watt Metal Halide To Led Conversion
    Post time: Nov-29-2018

    LED lamp replaces 1000 watt metal halide lamp In the past, the first lighting option contractor and electrical professional considered it to be a metal halide whenever it needed to illuminate commercial space or large indoor spaces. But these lights consume a lot of power and don’t have a l...Leugh tuilleadh »

    Post time: Nov-28-2018

    LED Solutions for Parking Lot Lighting Car dealers and other businesses that show their products in outdoor locations might pay more attention to parking lot lighting than other commercial enterprises, but for most businesses, parking lot lighting is an afterthought. Yet, the first and last impre...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • How to maintain the LED street light after installation?
    Post time: Nov-27-2018

    Led street light maintenance We all know that LED street lamps have developed rapidly in recent years and have a certain favorable position in the street lamp market. The reason why LED street lamps can be combined with thousands of pets is not without reason. LED street lights have many advantag...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • LED street lights need to consider what?
    Post time: Nov-26-2018

     The impact of streetlights on the safety of road users and residents has been well documented. Streetlights increase visibility and prevent the movement of criminals while driving. Street lighting is one of the biggest costs of the City Council. The cost lies in erecting, stimulating and maintai...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Effective LED light source can reduce carbon emissions
    Post time: Nov-26-2018

    Effective LED light source can reduce carbon emissions Using more efficient LED light sources, with a focus on roads and sidewalks, will help the council reduce energy consumption and associated carbon emissions by about 50%. According to the edie newsroom, more than 900,000 street lamps are curr...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Indoor LED Lighting Calculator
    Post time: Nov-22-2018

    How to calculate the number and distribution of LED lamps according to illumination?   How bright will your space be after you convert to LED Lighting? That’s a great question. No one wants to spend money on a LED lighting conversion project only to find out the room isn’t brigh...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Selecting the Best LED Lighting for Different Types of Sports Venues
    Post time: Nov-21-2018

    Selecting the Best LED Lighting for Different Types of Sports Venues   Several pro teams in the biggest sports in America (NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL) have replaced outdated metal halide lamps with LED lighting in their arenas and stadiums. The new lighting has benefited players, their fans, an...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • LED Development Forecast
    Post time: Nov-20-2018

    Led development forecast Through the rapid development of nearly ten years, LED lighting products are gradually replacing traditional lighting products and become the main force of home, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting. Due to the rapid improvement of the cost performance of LED light...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Guide to High Mast Lighting
    Post time: Nov-19-2018

    Guide to High Mast Lighting Outdoor areas with a lot of activity like airports, shipping ports, highways, merging expressways, transportation terminals, and sports fields usually need high mast lighting because they require extra safety and security. High mast lighting is very cost-effective and ...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Important of LED in school
    Post time: Nov-15-2018

    A Comprehensive Lighting Guide for Educational Institutions Nowhere is good lighting needed as in educational institutions. It not only improves the concentration of the students, it also enhances safety for all the people in the institution. Research has shown that lighting can have a negative o...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Can I replace metal halide with LED?
    Post time: Nov-08-2018

    Replacing HID with LED in High Bay Applications Offers Potential Benefits? The lighting for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, industrial work spaces, big box retail and gymnasiums often consists of high bay fixtures equipped with and HID light source — usually metal halide lamps. The higher ...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • What is a LED corn bulb?
    Post time: Nov-08-2018

    WHAT IS LED Corn BULB? Designed to replace metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps, these LED corn bulbs are a great alternative that save energy and lower utility costs. LED corn lights also last longer than traditional HID lamps, so you save money on replacement costs and maintenance. Avail...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • LED energy-saving lamp internal structure and process steps
    Post time: Nov-04-2018

    LED energy-saving lamp internal structure and process steps This section mainly describes the internal structure and process steps of LED energy-saving lamps and LED corn lamps. The so-called one-price price, cheap LED energy-saving lamps must have its reasons for cheap, such as the market’...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Does warm white color suitable for learning for child ?
    Post time: Nov-04-2018

    Does warm white color suitable for learning for child ? Most people thought that a warm light source because of its lower color temperature is not good to the students to read or write. 5000k and 6500k high color temperature (cool light) is more popular with the students, more suitable for higher...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • LED Light Source Selection Feature
    Post time: Nov-04-2018

    LED light source selection feature As the herd of the market, as consumers, use LED still be calm, scientific analysis, the choice of the best cost light sources and luminaires, LED Here are a few basic properties: 1、 antistatic ability Antistatic ability of the LED, long life, and therefore hig...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • LED Lighting Energy Saving And Market Potential Analysis
    Post time: Oct-31-2018

    LED lighting energy saving and market potential analysis In August 2014, the US DOE released the latest issue of “Predicting Energy Saving Potential for Solid State Lighting in General Lighting Applications”, which predicts the power saving potential and market penetration of US LED lighting appl...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Corn Lights
    Post time: Oct-25-2018

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Corn Lights LED Corn Lights Have your lights just blown? Are you looking for new ones to replace them? If so, you might want to try the wonder that is corn lights. But, do you know what corn lights are and all their advantages and disadvantages? If not, YOULUMI hav...Leugh tuilleadh »

  • 2019 Stàitean Aonaichte LFI Eadar-nàiseanta Solais Meadhanach
    Post-ùine: Lùnastal 10-2018

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  • Fàilte 2018 a chèilidh air ar Booth aig HK solais cothromach
    Post-ùine: Lùnastal 10-2018

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  • Yangtai Mountain turas de YouLumi anns a 'Ghiblean 2018
    Post-ùine: Lùnastal 10-2018

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  • 2018 Stàitean Aonaichte LFI Eadar-nàiseanta Solais Meadhanach
    Post-ùine: Lùnastal 10-2018

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  • 2017 Hong Kong International Solais Fair (Autumn Edition)
    Post-ùine: Lùnastal 10-2018

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  • 2016 Hong Kong International Solais Fair (Autumn Edition)
    Post-ùine: Lùnastal 10-2018

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  • 2015 Hong Kong International Solais Fair (Autumn Edition)
    Post-ùine: Lùnastal 09-2018

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