LED Grow Lights are a dedicated full spectrum LED, designed to help photosynthesis and enable plants to grow almost without sunlight.   Light Emitting Diode (GUIDATO) develop lights are ideal for a wide range of indoor develops and for supplemental lighting for outside and nursery develops. Gone against to customary lights,...
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  • 30 Le migliori luci da lavoro a LED 2020

    To help you to purchase the right LED work lights, The following product reviews give details on 30 of the best LED work lights on the market in order to help you find one that suits your needs. 30 Best LED Work Lights list 1. 360° Rotatable Warehouse Dock LED…
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  • Vantaggi e svantaggi dell'illuminazione a LED

    GUIDATO (diodo ad emissione luminosa) è una sorta di dispositivo semiconduttore a stato solido in grado di convertire l'energia elettrica in luce visibile, che può convertire direttamente l'elettricità in luce.I LED possono emettere direttamente il rosso, giallo, blu, verde, verde, arancia, viola, luce bianca La sorgente di illuminazione a LED presenta i vantaggi dell'alimentazione a bassa tensione, basso consumo energetico, strong…
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  • Spiegazione dettagliata della differenza tra lampade a LED e lampade a risparmio energetico

    LED lamps and energy-saving lamps are very common in our lives nowadays, let me take you to understand the difference between LED lamps and energy-saving lamps. A detailed explanation of the difference between led lamps and energy-saving lamps 1. Prima di tutto, we can say from the service life of…
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  • Alla ricerca di luci a LED sul posto di lavoro? Si prega di leggere la nostra guida all'acquisto

    LED lights are currently one of the most popular products purchased on construction sites. It can operate at a lower temperature, has lower power consumption and higher lighting intensity. At present, wireless LED lights have a wider selection range and more choices than wired LED lights. Of course, there are…
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  • Introduzione alla funzione delle luci a LED

    Convenience LED lights can directly replace existing energy-saving lamps and ordinary bulb products with Tongxiang E27, E14, GU10, e interfacce B22, senza modifiche, no technical staff or professionals, read our instructions in detail, DIY It can easily change from ordinary lighting to LED lighting. long life The life of…
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  • Quali sono i vantaggi delle luci a LED?

    In the past two years, LED light-related products have become more and more popular, and major established manufacturers have also launched their own LED products, including LED bulbs, LED energy-saving lamps, LED ceiling lamps, LED kitchen and bathroom lamps, LED ceiling lamps, LEDT5 The market competition for a series of…
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