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  • LED светла за растење

LED светла за растење

  • 960W LED октопод расте светло

    Input Voltage 100-277V AC or 300-480V AC Wattage: 960W Light Source: LED2835 / LED3030 Type of protection: IP65 Efficiency: 2.6µmol/J Light Distribution: 120° Dimming 0-10v source Lifespan >50000 hours Warranty 3 years THD <20% Available for Indoor Greenhouse Planting Flowers/ Seeds/ Vegetables Seed Starting, BLOOM, VEG... 1. Dimmable 2. All…
  • 450W Квантна LED светло за растење

    Input Voltage 90~277V ac or 300-480V ac 50/60Hz Wattage: 450W PPF: 1184 µmol/s Type of protection: IP65 SMD Chips: 1728ЕЕЗ 2835 48Компјутери 3030 Power Factor: 95% Light Distribution 120° Size info 645*525*135mm Warranty 3 years Certificates: ETL Shipping: 5Lead 10 дена време на водење. Со DHL / UPS / TNT / FedEx express, воздушен товар итн. Available for Seed…
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