Looking For LED Lights In The Workplace? Please Read Our Purchase Guide

LED lights are currently one of the most popular products purchased on construction sites. It can operate at a lower temperature, has lower power consumption and higher lighting intensity. At present, wireless LED lights have a wider selection range and more choices than wired LED lights. Of course, there are many factors to consider when choosing a good LED work light. Although it is better than halogen lamps, it does not mean that it is cheaper than halogen lamps. We investigated the characteristics of all LED work lights in order to present the best selection guide.
LED lights for local use: Is portability required?
When we started looking for LED lights for construction sites, the first thing was to consider whether LEDs need to be portable. Is it installed in a fixed location, or it needs to be portable. Most professionals choose LED lights that they carry with them every day. This can prevent theft. It can be used during the day or night, and it can accurately illuminate the light where you need it.

What color temperature light is needed?
If you continue to pay attention to the development trend of LED lights, you will see some LED lights marked with "5000K" or "fluorescent light" tikketti. This means that the color temperature of the LED lamp approaches the color temperature of the sun's rays. More importantly, this fluorescent lamp does not contain too much blue or yellow light. For electricians, this will help them see the colors of different wires. For the painter, the color adjusted under such light is closer to the real color, so that it does not look too much deviation in the daytime.
For most practitioners in the construction industry, color accuracy is not that important. They can easily complete their work under the light of 3500K color temperature. We found that certain color temperature lights can make people feel more comfortable, especially at night.
About 4000-4500K color temperature lights, you can see relatively accurate colors. If you often work at night, lighting with a color temperature of 2700-3200K can make your eyes feel more comfortable.


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