Gas station light guide

Gas station light

The main purpose of customers visiting the petrol station is to refuel, and they will also have a short stay. The prominent oil station lighting will attract the driver’s attention, and the comfortable lighting will make them willing to make a short break. If the petrol station meets their expectations, they will patronize next time. This is a human characteristic. Uncomfortable gas station lighting fixtures can glare drivers (especially drivers who have just entered the gas station from a dark road environment), creating glare problems that are not only an unpleasant problem, but also potentially Dangerous. Low-quality lighting is not only bad for the gas station business, but also reduces employee productivity.


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1、 Overview

2 、Technical parameters:

3 、with light source:

4、 Instructions

5、 Precautions



Name: Gas Station Light (aka: Gas Station Light)

Scope of application: gas stations, steam stations, factories, supermarkets, etc.;


The use of LED light source can effectively improve the uniformity of illumination, extend the use of lamps, improve the efficiency of lamps, and reduce the amount of electricity used.

Reduce glare, avoid blinking, highlight overall space lighting, and increase the overall brightness of the gas station.

Low energy design for maximum energy savings.

Long service life and low maintenance rate.

The humanized design reflects the aesthetic requirements of modern industrial lighting and the concept of humanity, nature and harmony.

LED gas station lights are designed for gas station lighting. The use of professionally designed oil station luminaires not only allows the driver to clearly identify the location and highlight the brand identity of the petrol station within a certain distance, but also achieves energy savings in daily operations. More than 50% energy saving than traditional lighting fixtures. The lowest initial input cost and daily operating cost, in order to achieve energy-saving benefits.

Special light source :The light source is made of high-intensity gas discharge lamp as the light source. It has high luminous efficiency, soft light and uniform illumination. The average service life is up to 50,000 hours and the color rendering index is >90.

Lighting effect Appropriate :horizontal illumination and vertical illumination, comfortable color temperature and color rendering, low glare, safer, professional design, reduce direct glare, make driving more comfortable and safer. Comfortable working environment, harmonious atmosphere, good illumination uniformity. Professional light distribution, wider light distribution, reducing the number of lamps required.

Installation method Ceiling-mounted, embedded installation, easy maintenance, easy operation and low cost.

Technical parameters:

Rated voltageProtection level AC220V/50HzIP54
Anti-corrosion grade WF2
Insulation class I
Height ratio 2.2
Cable entry Φ8mm-φ10mm
Dimensions 550 × 550 × 280mm
weight 13Kg

With light source:

Order number light source Rated power (W) Luminous flux (lm) Average life of light source (h)
LH-YZD-W150 led 150 15000 50000
LH-YZD-W100 led 100 10000 50000


1. According to the site environment and lighting requirements, determine the appropriate installation method, and prepare the corresponding length of φ8~10mm three-core cable according to the distance from the lamp to the 220V power contact;

2, embedded in the ceiling installation method, after hoisting the luminaire, first connect the incoming line and then position the luminaire.

3. When replacing the lamp, first disconnect the power supply.

4, replace other electrical components, please play ballast cavity, you can replace any electrical components.


1. When transporting, install the lamp in the carton equipped with foam shock absorber.

2. When installing and maintaining the luminaire, the power must be disconnected first.

3. When using, the surface of the lamp has a certain temperature rise, which is a normal phenomenon; the center temperature of the transparent part is high and must not be touched.

4. When replacing the bulb, use the same type and power bulb.

5. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble the lamps at will

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