LED Solutions for Parking Lot Lighting

Car dealers and other businesses that show their products in outdoor locations might pay more attention to parking lot lighting than other commercial enterprises, but for most businesses, parking lot lighting is an afterthought. Yet, the first and last impression that a customer or client receives about a business will be formed in that business’s parking facility.

YOULUMI understands the importance of parking lot lighting. Our LED parking lot lighting systems will improve the overall environment of a parking facility by providing uniform lighting that eliminates shadows and dark spots, and that conveys a better sense of safety and security to a business’s customers and clients.


Advantages of LEDs for Parking Lot Lighting

LED  parking lot lighting systems deliver a number of benefits to businesses that operate parking lots:

Superior Economic Performance

 LED parking lot lighting systems generate illumination that is as good as or even better than traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium lighting with less than half of the electrical energy input. Lot operators thus provide their customers with better lighting and pay substantially lower utility bills. Most modern LED parking lot lighting systems will continue to provide solid lighting performance for at least 50,000 hours, and in many cases for up to 100,000 hours. LEDs also reduce a lot operator’s maintenance costs.

Better Lighting Uniformity with Fewer Shadows and Dark Spots

Dimly-lit or shadowy parking lots will leave customers and clients with an unsettled feeling. Further, parking lots that have alternating bright and dark areas might obscure hidden risks, such as uneven surfaces or pavement cracks. LED parking lot lighting can be configured to provide completely uniform lighting throughout the lot, with no shadows or dark spots that might scare away customers. YOULUMI’s parking lot lighting fixtures are available with several different optic configurations to provide optimum beam dispersion across any parking lot

Durability under All Conditions

 Weather extremes and other environmental conditions can place severe strains on lighting systems that are exposed to those conditions. YOULUMI’s parking lot lighting fixtures feature cast aluminum construction, corrosion-resistant powder coatings, and tempered glass lenses that can stand up to all weather and environmental challenges with no performance reduction. Our fixtures have earned an IP65 rating, which indicates that they are sealed against dust and excessive moisture. If a fixture or lighting standard is harmed by careless driving or other unavoidable accidents, the modular design of those fixtures facilitates fast and easy repairs with no effect on other lighting fixtures in the lot.

Environmental Friendliness

 YOULUMI uses no hazardous materials in its LED parking lot lighting systems. When fixtures do reach the end of their useful lives after many years of regular use, those fixtures are easily recycled with no need for special handling or hazardous waste permits. Moreover, because LED parking lot lighting consumes less electricity, businesses that install LED systems will reduce their overall carbon footprints. Commercial enterprises can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability with LED parking lot lighting.


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Post time: Nov-28-2018