Warehouse lighting design requirements and precautions

Warehouse lighting design

warehouse refers to goods that are used to store rain and snow, fear of wind, and require better storage conditions. In the design of warehouse lighting, according to the specific requirements of the warehouse, reasonable lighting fixtures should be used to save the enterprise cost and improve the lighting quality.
Lighting design requirements for the warehouse:
1. First of all, according to the environment and use of the warehouse, determine the hazard level of the warehouse and the illumination requirements for the lighting, whether to use explosion-proof lamps and so on.
2. In the lighting of the warehouse, choose the light source suitable for the warehouse (cannot use fluorescent lamps, iodine tungsten lamps), the laying of the wires and the installation of the bulb should be above the channel.
3. To make reasonable use of the distribution of light, determine the lighting standards (illumination standards and lighting quality standards), lighting fixtures and switch wires.
4. Striking fire signs should be set inside and outside the warehouse lighting to set up adequate and effective fire protection facilities and equipment.
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In addition to providing sufficient horizontal and vertical illumination, the lighting design of the warehouse needs to pay attention to the distance between the lamps and the goods. When sufficient brightness is achieved, there is no danger of fire and explosion. The user should configure the power supply and determine the power supply mode according to the requirements of the power load on the reliability of the power supply, the interruption of the power supply to the life, the safety of the production and the degree of economic impact.
1. In order to prevent the damage caused by sudden power failure and reduce the loss caused by sudden power failure, the following measures may be considered: installation of spare equipment, use of multiple power sources, double circuit; setting of switching devices or self-starting devices; other electrical Or non-electrical measures. For example, a generator set that is independent of the normal power source is set in the warehouse, or a dedicated feeder line that is independent of the normal power source in the power supply network. And the application of battery dry, battery and other methods to deal with sudden power outages.
2. The following emergency power sources can be selected according to the time allowed to interrupt the power supply: the power supply with interrupted power supply time of 15s or more is allowed, and the generator set with fast self-starting can be selected. The operation time of the self-injecting device can satisfy the time when the power supply is interrupted, and a dedicated feeding line independent of the normal power source with the automatic input device can be selected. It is allowed to interrupt the power supply for the millisecond power supply. The battery static type uninterruptible power supply device and the diesel engine uninterruptible power supply device can be selected.
Lamp installation method:
Side wall installation: The side wall installation is mainly suitable for warehouses with relatively low warehouse height, light work content and high contrast requirements. Therefore, the use of side wall installation, the advantage of this installation is to save energy, to achieve the maximum lighting requirements with the least illumination.
Suspension installation: Suspension installation is mainly suitable for high altitude, wide range of required illumination, and the contrast requirement is not very high, which is different from fine illumination, so it is suitable for hanging installation.

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Post time: Dec-24-2018