LED Construction Lighting

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YouLumi as a top LED construction lights manufacturer, YouLumi specializes in the design, manufacture, and sales of high-end LED construction lights.

What are The construction lights?

The construction lights are expected to be bright enough to illuminate the construction site. Many construction sites work through the night. Therefore, the lighting of the construction site is a prerequisite for continuous, uninterrupted work throughout the year. Considering that building lighting performs one or more construction processes and meets building regulations, in many cases, the conditions of the building lighting site do not permit the installation of lighting equipment. Distance in the direction of optical flow is necessary. YouLumi offers high-quality LED construction lights with a 5-year warranty.

The type of LED construction light?

According to different lighting requirements, LED construction lights are mainly divided into Balloon lights, Mobile disks.Usually 80W,120W,220W,300W.The lighting quality is much better in terms of color rendering, color, and lumen output. They have a longer life, reach 50000hours, which means lamps need to be replaced less than other types. This is especially useful when used in remote workplaces.
The advantages of LED construction light.

Improve visibility at construction sites. One factor that makes YouLumi lighting different from other LED construction lights is that our lamps provide better visibility. YouLumi construction lamps have the highest color rendering index of their kind, providing lighting as close to natural sunlight as possible, even after dark. This means visual comfort and improved safety for construction workers.
High and low-temperature resistance.

YouLumi building lights are glare-free, and even when we use high power sources, energy consumption and power consumption rates are low, reducing the impact on the workplace and surrounding facilities. Applicable to a variety of work scenarios.

YouLumi construction lighting is ideal for applications that need to withstand conditions associated with a building or work site.

These conditions include exposure to dust, water and steam, and the physical effects of other equipment or people. They are widely used in
construction sites, garages, roads, and other fields. Extensive coverage of construction sites, quarries, mines, airports, and other large squares is guaranteed. It can be seen that LED construction site is an important part of the construction site because of its energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and good lighting uniformity.

Portable design and Energy-saving

Easy to apply to portable power Settings. Most construction projects rely on portable power distribution units to provide lighting for construction crews. YouLumi lighting fixtures can work into your portable power distribution, even on high-light towers, providing ample lighting throughout the construction site.
Long service life.

When you are working, a faulty fixture means you spend time replacing it. This will also increase your spending on work. The YouLumi luminaire solution has a long life and therefore will reduce the time you spend replacing a burnt-out luminaire. These are the brightest outdoor LED floodlight fixtures on the market, but rarely need to be replaced.

Cost-saving and High efficiency

While LED lighting costs more to buy initially because they use much less energy than traditional lighting, they cost more than makes up for it in the long run. Over time, this saves utility costs and battery life. They also don’t waste the energy they give off as heat.