LED Retrofits

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Have you been thinking about an LED retrofit when you need to make the decision to replace an entire fixture or retrofit the current one? Not sure how to go about it? You came to the right place.YouLumi as a top LED retrofit manufacturer, YouLumi specializes in the design, manufacture, and sales of high-quality LED retrofits.

What is a YouLumi LED retrofit kit?

YouLumi’s LED Retrofit kits everything you need to upgrade your fluorescent, CFL, or HID system to LED lighting. A retrofit will give you high-quality lighting along with significant financial and environmental benefits, without the added time and cost of completely overhauling your lighting system.

retrofitting is when you replace the lights in your existing system with new such as technology, component, or accessory. The term “retrofit” is very much a synonym with the term “conversion.”It’s an ideal solution when you’re happy with your current lighting design and layout, but the efficiency or quality need to be improved. Choosing LED lighting will give you improved lighting quality that’s up to 30 percent brighter than CRT or fluorescent lighting while using 50 to 90 percent less energy with a lamp life of up to 10 years. The result is long-term energy savings that will pay for the cost of a retrofit within 2 to 4 years and continue to save you money long afterward.

LED lighting is also the environmentally responsible choice, with a reduced carbon footprint and no hazardous waste to leak into soil or waterways. The waste can be recycled, pollution-free, and mercury-free. It can be safely touched. It is a typical green lighting source.

YouLumi carries a variety of equipment that will allow you to upgrade almost any existing system, ranging from 15 to 360 watts.

Why Choose YouLumi LED retrofit kit?

YouLumi LED Retrofit Kit and driver are fully separated allowing the driver to achieve the ideal working condition. It helps to keep the heat away from the LEDs.

YouLumi is a LED lighting manufacture, producing our own LED retrofit kit to make sure the quality.

Premium long-life oxidation surface treatment.

The LED modules can retrofit all the conventional light fixtures to LED lighting.

Equipped with the NICHIA LED, Sunon fan, thermal protector, it easily outperforms conventional light sources.

Retrofit traditional light fixtures to LED easy to replace.

Consumes up to 80% less energy than conventional HID systems.

Lasts 3x longer than metal halide or HPS HID lamps.

Shatter resistance for reduced risk of injury & breakage.

An integral driver eliminates the need for an external driver or ballast.

Environmentally friendly: contains no glass, mercury, or lead.

All kinds of sizes, shape to fit in different fixtures.

Where to use LED retrofit kit?

Ideal for Shoeboxes, streetlights, Parking Garage, floodlights, wall packs, high bays, cobra heads, and canopy retrofits.