• 640W八爪魚LED增長光

    » Light Source: LED2835/LED3030 » Spectrum: PhysioSpec Indoor™ » Power Factor: >0.95 » Light Distribution: 120° » Mounting Height: 6"-12"(15.2-30.5cm) Above Canopy » Thermal Management: Passive » Dimming: 10V-Source » Total Harmonic Distortion (塔德。): <20% » Lifetime: >50,000hrs » IP Rating: IP65 » No UV or IR in the beam…
  • 960W八爪魚LED增長光

    Input Voltage 100-277V AC or 300-480V AC Wattage: 960W Light Source: LED2835 / LED3030 Type of protection: IP65 Efficiency: 2.6µmol/J Light Distribution: 120° Dimming 0-10v source Lifespan >50000 小時保修。 3 years THD <20% Available for Indoor Greenhouse Planting Flowers/ Seeds/ Vegetables Seed Starting, BLOOM, VEG... 1. Dimmable 2. All…
  • 300W伸縮三腳架LED移動工作燈。

    当涉及到照明大面積。, 本產品係礦道高衝擊照明嘅理想解決方案。. 交叉道路工程。, 地盤。, 活動同一般工業用地維護計劃。. 輸入電壓100-277V交流或24V直流瓦數。: 300W盧門。: 39000總保護類型嘅LM。: IP65衝擊保護。:...
  • 300W LED移動工作燈,帶提升便攜式三腳架。

    当涉及到照明大面積。, 本產品係礦道高衝擊照明嘅理想解決方案。. 礦運道路交叉口嘅高衝擊照明。, 道路工程。, 地盤。, 活動同一般工業維護計劃。. 輸入電壓100-277V交流或24V直流瓦數。: 300W盧門。: 39000Lm總計...
  • DALI and Push Dimming LED Driver

    Input Voltage 12V/24V/36V/ 48V DC Options Wattage 60W-250W Dimming type DALI and Push dimming Type of protection IP20 Efficiency ≥86% Working Temp. -10+C~40°C。,20~60%RH Power Factor 0.95 Place of Origin Guangdong, China Warranty 3 years Output Type Single Type Constant Current Certificates ETL/CE other customer required certificates are available to provide.…
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