60watt Linkable LED String Work Light
60watt Linkable LED String Work Light
60watt Linkable LED String Work Light
60watt Linkable LED String Work Light
60watt Linkable LED String Work Light


当涉及到照明大面積。, this product is the ideal safety and visibility for high impact lighting of mine-haul road intersections, 道路工程。, 地盤。, events and general industrial and maintenance programs and shipyard.



» 5 燈定。 10 每組燈選項。. 適合遠距離嘅不同需求。.
·光頭空間。 10 腳。 / 3mts分開。, 與傳統嘅字符串工作光相同。.
·使用高亮SMD2835。, 高達125lm/W嘅發光效率。.
·結束。 50000 hours lifetime and offer 5 年保修.
» 14/16 AWG power wire, 2 Plug and 3 Plug available.
·帶保護網蓋。, 雙重保護。.
» IP65 waterproof rating for outdoor application.
» Linkable up to 14 strings.

項目編號。. YL-HA11-5*J12W-M-XXK-3P YL-HA11-5*J12W-M-XXK-2P
Power Cord SJTW 14AWG/16AWG*3C SJTW 16AWG*2C
瓦特。 12W*5
Group 5pcs
Colour handle Yellow
流明總數。 1500x5Lm
交流輸入。 100+277V交流。
Cct。 2700-6500K。
Pf。 ≥0.9。
IP排名。 IP65
工作溫度。 -20°F to 122°F (-29°C to 50°C)
Dimensions H*D (Single) 180.00*120.00(mm)/ 7.08"x4.72"

Switch off the power supply before installation and let the electrician or the person who has the same ability to install the lamp. Consult your DOT, Building Code Enforcement and/or the National Electric Code for your location.
You can't rely on wires and cables to bear any weight other than lights. Cables and wires cannot be used as pull wires. You have to pull another wire rope, or hang it on the wall or binding with straps, ropes, cables ties, etc..

Suitable for Shipyard, Construction, Mining, Aviation, Outdoor Events, Marine etc.
3.Flexible hook.
4.5-15P &5-15R plug.
深圳百利公司。, 有限公司。. 係一個工廠。, 專業從事LED工作燈研發和出口。. 該技術非常成熟,為客戶提供良好的體驗。.
YouLumi is a professional LED R&D manufacturer and energy expert.

● Glue filling machine.

● We will customize the wire cable, silk screen, 根據客戶要求標籤和包裝。.
● Check the raw material before starting production.
● With a strong R&D team, professional staff, advanced equipment, YouLumi keep managing its products quality to the supper level.

問。: 我可以有一個樣品訂單啊??
A。: 係., 我哋歡迎樣品訂單嚟測試和檢查質素。.

問。: Can I customize it?
A。: 係., You can give us your requirement.

問。: 你係製造商啊? ?
A。: 係., 我哋有我哋自己嘅工廠與結束。 8 年R。&D同製造經驗,因為。 2012.

問。: 如何裝運貨物,需要多長時間才能到達。?
A。: 表達。(Dhl。, Ups。, 聯邦快遞或Tnt。), 空運或海運視您的需求而定。. 速遞通常採取。 3-5 到達天數。.

問。: 如果我有要打印嘅徽標,如何先於訂單。?
A。: 我哋將製作一個樣本供你確認。. If mockup is ok, 然後我哋將去大規模生產。.

問。: 如何包裝。?
A。: 1紙箱中嘅電腦。, carton size is 370*370*230mm, GW is 5.4KG.

問。: 如何獲得保修。?
A。: Our LED string work light is with 5 年有限保修。. 在保修期內。, 如果當前燈被毀,我哋將發送更換燈。, 唔係由於個人錯誤。.